Artikel 01 2018




Date :- March & August 2018

Time :- 8.00- 10.00 a.m

Venue:- Dewan Kuliah Utama ILP Ipoh

Instructor :- Pn.Vidhya Mol Yesodharan and Pn.Mohana Raja Silvan

Activity :-

JEPT (JTM English Proficiency Test ) was held at ILP Ipoh for the 3rd time at ILP Ipoh on year 2018 It was implement due to the quite taboo among ILJTM graduates in using the language. Even some - referred the language as ‘Colonial Language’ being proficient in English language is an advantage for ILJTM graduates. ILJTM graduates are ‘hot cakes’ in industries because they are well known for their skills. But the lacking in them are language proficiency. To improve the graduates Employability skills, to fulfill the industrial sector needs and to meet the current standard of ILJTM graduates among workers in the industrial sector, JEPT (JTM English Proficiency Test ) was carried out.

The main purpose of implemented JEPT all over ILJTM in Malaysia is to measure and increase the students’ English competency level to meet job market requirement. In order to run the implementation, the English teachers from selected institutes will conduct 3 assessments namely Pre-Test, Interim and Post Test. By having run such implementation, it will be easier to keep track upon ILJTM’s undergraduate’s proficiency level. Since it is our first step, our respondents merely taken from semester 1. It is a student centered approach; where the students make decision, participate, engage actively in given task, given opportunity to solve problem and do critical thinking.

Therefore JEPT Test carried out with a schedule fixed by the board of JTM English cluster has agreed upon to a consensus, whereby the 3 assessments will be conducted as below: Pre-Test ( 1st – 3rd week), Interim Test (7th Week -9th week) and Post Test (13TH Week -15th Week).

The component of JEPT assess all 4 skills namely :-

READING :- Reading Whereby students will be given a text of 5 questions and they are required to answer those questions in 30 minutes time frame. 10 marks awarded for this test. Once the marks out, it is easier for the teacher to categories the students into band 1-3.

WRITING:- In this part students will be exposed to 2- 3 pictures. They are required to write 5 sentences in 30 minutes. Total marks given 10 and teacher will category the students into band 1 -3.

LISTENING :- test will last long for 20 minutes and students have to listen one text only which comprises 5 questions. They need circle the correct answer. Total marks given 10 and teacher will category the students into band 1 -3

SPEAKING :- For this test students must be in a group of 5 to 6. Then, they need to share their point of view based on shown image by teacher. Each individual is given 5 minutes only. Total marks given 10 and teacher will category the students into band 1 -3.

The duration given for each test is as follows: Reading : 30 minutes Writing : 30 minutes Listening :20 minutes Speaking :5 minutes . JTM Uses Likert Scale and there 10 items. Teacher must fill in each item by using the given scales. The differences between JEPT (JTM English Proficiency Test), MUET (Malaysian English Test) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are: the band system number of questions the difficulty level

Thus, the whole agenda is to give freedom of speech for these trainees so that they can use the language effectively and meet the needs of industry.